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    Leonard David Raymundo is an experienced brand strategist and copywriter. Passionate about his craft, Leonard’s style is defined by brevity, clarity, impact, and engagement. He adopts a holistic, visual approach to his work, with a special focus placed on how his words flesh out and advance the overall concept at hand.


    Leonard’s writing style is notable in that it is brief, impactful, and – above all else – interesting. He often describes it as a “visual” style, focusing on more than just the diction or grammar, but rather on how his writing factors in the content experience overall. A versatile writer, he is experienced in both long and short form copy.


    Throughout his entire life, the people around Leonard have insisted he had a talent for writing. It became common long ago for friend and peers to ask for his help when drafting things of importance, including event invitations, important emails, and more. Before long, Leonard elevated his dedication to the craft of writing beyond his own rigorous, independent training and enrolled in a number of workshops.


    A sincere believer in the value of intercultural exchange and wandering, Leonard David Raymundo continues to adore traveling and particularly crossing international borders. Beyond simply observing different places and communities around the world, however, Leonard advocates for investing real time and effort into new places to more fully begin to appreciate their unique beauty.


    Throughout his childhood, Leonard David Raymundo's parents made a point to show their kids as much of the world as possible. This included spending time outside of the country, typically in Asia or Europe. These experiences made it evident to him that traveling offers you a broadened perspective that is not otherwise possible. The impact of this growth does not disappear upon returning home. It improves your ability to navigate differences and connect meaningfully. Travel allows for a better understanding of from where people are coming when discussing an issue and opens new avenues for progress. This, in turn, makes travelers more engaged citizens and, often, better people overall.

    Personal Life

    Outside of work, Leonard David Raymundo is an avid, lifelong sports fan. Supporting local teams shaped his formative years, and he continues to write about sports (both personally and professionally). Deeply devoted to his local teams, he loves the sense of community that sports foster. The Seattle Seahawks have been Leonard’s favorite team for years, supporting them through their many seasons.

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    Leonard David Raymundo

    Where to order one of the most recognized Vietnamese dishes.

    Leonard David Raymundo

    They're delicious saucy or crispy, deep-fried or grilled.

    Leonard David Raymundo

    The city’s proud LGBTQ capital and creative powerhouse is a dream for diners, whether they want fried chicken and pillowy biscuits or spicy Malaysian frog legs.

    Leonard David Raymundo

    Naan, curry, momos, and more.

    Leonard David Raymundo

    I can’t wait to start my formal training and I’ve already started the usual rounds of YouTube, Skillshare, and textbooks to get me started.

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    Wanting a change from their typical client catalogs displaying product after product, LightArt decided to go in another direction. Rather than talk about the products, we decided to talk about the people who made their impressive light fixtures possible.

    Forming a narrative around people (and dogs), I wrote the copy to go out on their first catalog centered on people, telling a story.


    The result: A well received catalog among clients and customers alike, it formed the voice and tone for LightArt moving forward.



    Gold's Gym

    Creative Brief: Gold's Gym wanted to separate itself from its competitors by targeting their core clientele: body builders.


    Strategy: Took a light, Mayweather type of jab at other gyms that offer classes like Yoga and Pilates, while Gold's Gym is the place to go to get those gains. Nothing wrong with a little humor and sarcasm, right?

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